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[Release] x7|ZombieExtMod
Hey guys!

Update 2015,
Okay, server is alive again!
Join: ( fast download )

Update 2014, check download link below.

Some videos of old versions:

P.S. Mod was sold. Wait for another edits and thank you all for support!

This is my zombie mod, ZombieExtMod ( zom_xtreme ), P vs P Type

(link is down, pm me )

  • You can get FULL mod information here: Click ( PREVIEW )
  • Edits on this mod are not allowed.
  • Mod is not playable in private match. ( well it is, just don't forget to /exec mod2 before map launch )
  • Report all bugs to me.

[Image: b_160_400_1_ffffff_c5c5c5_ffffff_000000_0_1_0.png]

// Some changes after release.
- Added Gewehr-43
- Added new thing in shop: Trap
- New epic backgroup ( thanks to x7'mxzo )
- Fixed some bugs
- Added epic sounds(Dialogs): Surpriizeee, Max ammoo, Eat them brains... Brains...
- Added new epic limb with blood trail and animations
- Fixed mystery box
- Added sounds for Special Cola
- New award: 20 kills - Special MP40 ( With red-dot sight, more power )
- Added Lasers to mine
- Added blood explosion ( i have bad computer, so cant start BO on max graphics - Not tested, Credits to: @rotceh_dnih for FX )
- Added new zombie weapon, as cod5.
- Added FG-42 ( custom animations )
- Added New M1911 ( Custom animations, upgraded ( not M&S ))
- Now you can find in mystery box things as: mine, medpack, cola.
- Fixed Mystery-Box sound
- Mod size is 10 MB now! It just loads sounds from IW_XXs.iwd
- Added more blood. (Credits: @rotceh_dnih )
- Sounds are better now.
- Changed main menu music
- Fixed Critical Error ( Tested )
- Added sounds to Special cola ( Belch, open, break, etc )
- Now you can cure infection with 3 Medpacks or Buy antidote
- Some hud as "Class info" is moved to tab key ( scoreboard )
- Added 'Hellhound Dog' Special for Zombie dog.... You will turn into hellhound dog ( same fx, sounds... but model is wrong lol )
- Added Eyes glowing to zombies
- Added real zombie weapon to zombies
- Added Type100
- Fixed Class Menu
- Shop key - N, Mod Menu - B
- Fixed double credits bug
- Added more sounds ( Pickup etc )
- Fixed Vision file
- New Zombie class menu
- and other fixes
- Added original MP5
- Added Granny's Soda
- Deleted hud bar, and added counter.
- HUD font is smaller now
- Added some msg, deleted modspam.
- Fixed ALL dmg bugs.
- Added new mystery box ( Credits to Fixz and Jookbob )
- Fixed infinity weapon glitch
- Added Dynamite ( From cod5 one )
- Game is balanced now
- Added new music ( 115, from Theatre )
- Added 'Weapon Stealing' Perk for zombies ( Buy it in shop || Same as COD Zombies ). Same hand animations.
- Added perfect animation on spawn. ( Like preparing to the fight )
- Fixed zombie pick system ( It was like 20 players, 1 zombie )
- Added VIP ( VIP will get 7 medpacks, 17 sodas, 3 Mines, 500 points, Headicon (Credits to icon: @met94 ) )
- HUD is Better now. Added perfect icons, deleted hp bar. Credits to Kill3r for epic HP Icon (heart one)
- No crashes more ( Maybe, not tested )
- No more buggy hud elems ( Fixed, Tested 100% )
- MP40, PPSH has less dmg now ( It was 7-9 bullets - kill )
- Added Bowie knife. Every Survivor has it.
- Fixed bottle animations
- Sorted menus ( Most importand things are first, look @ screens )
- Fixed multikill
- Edited connect.menu
- Added println msgs like "<playername> enablied flashlight"
- Removed Flamethrower. It is too overpowered.
- For more balance... on survivor death, every survivor will get 5 points. Thanks to @surtek for idea.
- Shop key is L, Modmenu - M
- Added: New sounds for last man, dead survivor, game over....
- Mod Menu Key is M, Shop menu key is L
- No more server overflow
- Edited ESC menu ( Added credits and mod information menu )
- Deleted 2 useless functions
- Camp places not blocked ( Agree with Mr @JellyPL )
- Added sentry to shop menu (210 points)
- Added Mute player menu
- Added CoD4 M4 Carbine
- Added some new fxs/visions
- Added some voxes 
- Fixed infection text
- Fixed 'Fast-Jump' glitch
- Removed some materials
- Added new icons ( Thanks to 'Google' lol, and Kill3r for them )
- You can change FOV in modmenu
- Added HP icons to scoreboard
- Fixed Healing/Supplying
- Added new lens for snipers
- Added MG-42, Thompson, Kar-98k ^^
- Added new skin for Trench gun 1897
- Fixed Jugger-Nog machine ( Added Collision )
- Fixed alot weapons
- Added new visions for Last Survivor and Prepare time ( Extracted from zombie_cosmodrome.ff )
- Added some new ambients
- Added new mini-icons to compass ( vending machine, mystery box )
- Added new models for zombies
- Added new vip systems
- Added new playermodels
- Added new weapons
- Weapon are BUYABLE now
Since November 2012
- New class menu
- Added new awards


  • @Nekochan (me Nyan Cat , aka yudi21, _se7en_u, jaydi ): Mod creator / developer
  • Dobby and Kill3r - Main inspiration, some assets, BIG thanks to them!
  • @Nukem / Koene - help with Maya 2009.
  • @Pozzuh - *nice menu*
  • HP and Mine icon code - myk_tony
  • 3arc bots - Testing
  • Kill3r - Health icon ( heart one )
  • Rotu/Bipo - Array and Barricades code.
  • Sanya/Koene - Some MW2 Models
  • Treyarch - Sentry code, but i modifed it
  • mxzo - Textures, Shaders, Background
  • It'sMods - Tutorials & other stuff Heart

2014 Update

Since *a lot* of people asking me for mod files.. Here you go!
NOTE: If you want to launch private game, type /exec mod2 in console before map launching! I repeat, this is important!. To change amount of bots in game type "zomx_testbots X" after /exec.

This is last unreleased version 17.0. Thanks to my friend Ramsy for giving me files, because I lost mod sources somewhere on my old hdd so I was unable and lazy to build the newest version again.

Small changelog:
* Added new sounds
* Nicer UI.

Some things which I couldn't to do/bugs:
* Characters ( even zombies ) scream something like "I AM HIT" and another Black ops voices.
* Sometimes it crashes on private game start, I don't know why, probably you forgot to /exec mod2.
* Bots are still stupid.

Okay, download link.
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(10-20-2011, 16:56)Se7en Wrote: omg wrong, wrong key pressed omg
wait i will rerelease lol Troll , release thread is not done lol

Fail archived.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
Achieved with cryeninge fail.

Wait, you didn't press the key... you're going to release it tomorrow Troll
(10-20-2011, 17:29)Rendflex Wrote: Achieved with cryeninge fail.

Wait, you didn't press the key... you're going to release it tomorrow Troll

lol'd and serious'd

mod uploading too long ( size 28 mb lol )
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You sucks Fuu
(10-20-2011, 18:08)jariz Wrote: ADMINS DELETE THIS SHIT

yes, its uploading too long :/ I started uploading 1 hour ago, its just 24-30 % :FUU:
F*cked up internet
Sorry Nyan Cat
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send it to me, then I'll upload. Troll
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should i close this thread or are you going to edit the mainpost soon?
(10-20-2011, 18:20)d0h! Wrote: should i close this thread or are you going to edit the mainpost soon?

i will upload there,
But it night for me, maybe it will uploads all night. Internet is bad today. Speed like 5-10 kb.sec Fuu
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