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Release iPaddie LoadScreenMod
[Image: 4CgJeHwllG.png]
[Image: tFNT55ZWax.png]

[Image: fmu5Bikw9J.png]

What is it
Better loadscreens! The loadscreens are color corrected and look much better then the originals!

Installer installs files and can also restores backup

@iAegle (getsteampath)
@God (inspiration)
@SuperNovaA0 (research)
@Ivankec (translation to english)
@Scripts18 (reporting images)
@g-man (putting in FTP login details)
@shridhan (spamming the forums, inspired me to do this)
@No One (financial adminstration)
@Lost4468 (customer support)

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?7heca45bbajv05v
Dropbox (direct): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27760936/LoadScreenMod.zip
[-] The following 6 users say Thank You to JariZ for this post:
  • d0h!, Guyver01, kokole, Metro-Police#45, surtek, Xzite
Enjoy! Big Grin
[Image: 9824]
[-] The following 6 users say Thank You to iPaddie for this post:
  • Arteq, d0h!, David50G, House, JariZ, kokole
looks nice
*shameless self bump*
cool thx, running it now Wink
Black Ops Mods:

RPG(rocket launcher) mod
Get the Specials

Old aliasses:


Quote:@G-Man (putting in FTP login details)

i lol'd at this
tru story bro
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
nice work! @iPaddie , @JariZ ... oh god how many people are there?!
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to kokole for this post:
  • JariZ
looks pritty nice Smile would be mad if we could no-clip,drawhud 0 , and take new better loadscreens

mw3 is Dodgy though
@rotceh_dnih Exactly! Sad
(02-21-2012, 08:36)JariZ Wrote: @rotceh_dnih Exactly! Sad

Thanks @iPaddie & @JariZ Nice Present to come home to after long Boring day at college Big Grin <3
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to Jackstr for this post:
  • JariZ

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