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Release ''WAR'' GameMode by Met PL
(03-26-2013, 20:46)wattz3 Wrote: ty will give it a try

hmm still no luck ,do i need to add +exec mywhitelist.cfg to the command line ? sorry for my noobness im pretty new to this Sad

lol, have you enabled your mod? fs_mods etc ( if dedicated on gametracker, then go to control panel )
No, you don't need to add this stuff like mywhitelist.
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yeh i added it Smile +set dedicated 1 +set sv_licensenum 0 +set net_port 28189 +set fs_game mods/mp_Warv1.91 +exec config.cfg +exec server16.cfg +map mp_crisis

still not working tho Sad cant suss it out Sad gutted as looks like a great mod ,ive got a few other mods from here running fine its just this one and iSnipe 1.5 that wont work for me both just start the game with a regular gametype :/
got it working in the end Smile turns out it was to do with my server.cfg ,thanks for the help anyways Smile

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