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Release Updated Prestige Token Editor
Here's a prestige token editor which is working for the current version 1.3.362

It only edits one address, so if you use it properly you shouldn't get VAC banned. But as always USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I am not to be held responsible if anything happens.

  • Start the token editor
  • Start MW3 MP
  • Go to your barracks
  • Enter the amount of tokens you want (Recommend no more than 5)
  • Exit the editor, enter a game and get a kill

You should now have the amount of tokens you entered.

[Image: tokeneditor.png]

Virus Scan:

I did not create this, I used a source which was released, and edited it to to work with the current version.


I gave myself 1337 tokens a week ago. Fuck yea!
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

Unbanable? Is this for the last version of mw3 ?

Yes this is for the latest version which I mentioned in the OP. Just check if its the same version as yours by going to your multiplayer main screen.

Who have try this? It's working? No ban for the moment @OrangePL ? :p

(11-20-2011, 11:23)Sneazy Wrote: Who have try this? It's working? No ban for the moment @OrangePL ? :p

In MW2 I remember that there were no bans for modifying those things, Wink

Ok but warning i think this tool is backdoored ...I have scan on Jotti and VT if he use a FUD crypter :p

2 Detections: Backdoor / Downloader ...

Used first version and no ban, restart mw3 after add tokkens and dont play before use hax.

Hi Nathaniel
programs creates the following folders and data:

use with caution


-MapCmdRun.exe (Worm/Win32.Shakblades)
-toskhost.exe (Projects\w.a.t.c.h\w.a.t.c.h\obj\Release\Wa3VeB.pdb)

download link ?

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