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Release RayGunV2
Hey guys,

Even if tadej posted mod before me, Im still gonna post it but with better features.
As the title says It's RayGun mod V2 becouse V1 was made by Ivankec.This mod is very fun i played it like 3 hours today Big Grin.


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  • Menu background - Thanks to XeroK
  • Prestige Team Icons (I'll add custom one's in next update)
  • Custom Team Names
  • RayGun from Nazi-Zombies
  • MaxAmmo (with reload)
  • I will add some more just post ideas in this thread.
  • Your killstreaks
  • Prestige texture at the corner
  • Time limit is set to 20 min and Score limit is 20 000

  • Nukem - Thanks for helping with sounds and Tutorials
  • MetPL - Thanks for help
  • XeroK - Menu background fix
  • Hector - Thanks for HUD
  • Pozzuh - Thanks for help
  • Ivankec - for making V1
  • www.ItsMods.com!

Things i will add in future:
  • Team icons with RayGun image.
  • Custom killstreaks (Wunderwaffe and Thundergun) + Adrenaline.
  • Better background
  • Custom crosshair
  • Upgrade machine somewhere on the map
  • Perk machines somewhere on the map.


[Image: shot0000.jpg]

[Image: shot0002.jpg]

[Image: shot0003.jpg]

Menu picture:
[Image: xdd.jpg]

.rar   mp_RayGunV2.rar (Size: 817.67 KB / Downloads: 466)
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  • Cyborgking, d0h!, DetectionZero
(06-27-2011, 00:03)3VJosh Wrote: link???
We have to wait for attachment to approve.
looks really awesome, can't wait, it's a shame that that dude stole it.
What is Ivankec doing in credits ?
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
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  • Yamato
approved, good job
tadej is ivankec???? Undecided
(06-27-2011, 09:29)Yamato Wrote: tadej is ivankec???? Undecided

(06-27-2011, 09:29)Yamato Wrote: tadej is ivankec???? Undecided

He is back. Blush
1. I didnt stold any your files
2.You asked me if i do Ray gun mod (give mod reguest) and i was say meybe i will do it.
3.You asked me how to fix this eror fireRumble\defaultweapon_fire (Hard to fix. Smile )
4.How can i stold mod if i do it before you?
5.BTW i was got this idea from Cod waw Ray gun mod.. Thats like 2 years ago.
6.IDK what do you want you 15 years old kid..
7. Like iAegle say you used Treyarch files and i was not stold any your files like ray gun weapon files and iwds..
8.Meybe you was get mad when i wasnt convert youd .dds file in .iwd? (Then how can you do mod if you dont know do that?)
9. I used Sound Tutorial for Sounds (Thanks the guy who post it.)
10.GTF dont know how can i stold files if i was do mod before you... (Copy and past scripts from other guys.. And then say to guys i was stold it...)
11. I was get thsi mod worked 3 days ago...

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