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Release RCON plugin
Basically the RCON plugin from playermanager.
You can use this in your own programs as well.

  1. UDP
  2. High Speed
  3. Doesn't use log files
  4. Easy to connect
  5. Automatically updates

For API, custom commands and more information:

Download (click 'Download Server Plugin')
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looks good will be giving this one a try

Regards the FAQ
I rented a server from *******.com, can I ...
- No

i will support this plugin on my servers

will client work with other plugins ie work as if you were ingame if you were to type !status into the client would it paste the info to the server providing said plugin was active?
You can access the console from the PlayerManager Client.
[Image: 2Xt9Ycm7Fa.png]

Like I said in the thread, this is not a ingame-rcon plugin.
ahh so it is not able to intergrate with the other plugins?
offcourse it can integrate with other plugins, just like any plugin...?
thats good then could the rcon in essance be used to control and automate all the plugins installed in the addon or is there no plan for that

is there any plans for the log to be more substantial ie like previous cod logs?
Looks very proffesional Jariz Nice one men im gonna try it for sure. Dank U Wink

Nice work, good job cleaning up more of IW's shit. looks good too Big Grin
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This is great, one thing though. It does not seem to be pulling a player list for me. Anyone else?
Same, tried to connect to my dedi and the connection times out. Tried a variety of port settings.

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