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Release Offset-Refinder
Hey you coders out there,
just build this little tool really quick to help you coding trainers for BO. It will refind the most common offsets for BO automatically, just run Black-Ops, run my lil Programm, and it will search them.

The Amunitions are switching around sometimes, so u you cant really tell which adress is which offset, which is why i just called them "Amunitions".


[Image: unbenanntphs.png]


Master and Sph4ck for inspiration on how to find offsets

Attached Files
.rar   Offset-Finder by Edlmann.rar (Size: 183.06 KB / Downloads: 48)
[-] The following 4 users say Thank You to aosma8 for this post:
  • d0h!, Eekhoorn, Ivankec, surtek
Thanks for sharing really helpful downloading and using it
Hey might be new but before i found this site i was using cheat engine so dude u r awsome
Lol edlmann made this, btw Welcome to Itsmods

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