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Release MW3 Spec Ops title unlocker
So recently a friend told me that he is missing two Spec Ops titles , Overachiever and Unstoppable, and asked me to code him an unlocker. So I did Big Grin

This is for use with SP or MP, just choose the right .exe. Then simply go to callsign menu, launch program, type 1 or 2 and enjoy. Should save after playing a game.

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.rar   SpecOpsPack.rar (Size: 569.55 KB / Downloads: 653)
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
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oh shoot i really needed this thanks so much brah. rep +1
Weird it unlocks and i can see it i make a match restart game and not saves =S
yeah didnt save on mine either. got to use it in the game but just didnt save it..
An image of the titles could be nice, Smile
[Image: veovuq.png]
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You can unlock the Elite emblem ?? or how i can unlock this ??
here is the Over Achiever Title.. like i said can unlock and use in game but dosent save.. I have 3 stars on all missions except the 2 where you have to have another person..

[Image: overachievertitle.jpg]
thanks Smile

@Not saving.

OrangePL, are there anyway to make a tool that will unlock these 2 titles and save them ? i know of 2 that will unlock them but neither save them.. thanks
come guys.. either you can or you can't make a tool to save these titles.. but please atleast answer...
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