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Release MW3 Server Addon
(06-18-2012, 14:14)estebespt Wrote: you can do that on the .dspl
mp_dome, TDM, 1
mp_bootleg, TDM, 1
mp_alpha, TDM, 1
this would rotate this 3 maps always the same way. dome -> bootleg -> lockdown -> dome -> bootleg....

In a stock MW3 configuration, ^this doesn't work "..always the same way". Yes, you would expect it to...but it doesn't. There is still the annoying random repeat of maps you played a few minutes earlier. Which is why I was using Nukem's plugin with the "OldRotation" feature, and is likely WHY that feature existed in the first place.
IF there is a Promod alternative I'll be happy to try it, if someone provides a link.

Tx, M
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