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Release MW3 Server Addon Extensions
(04-14-2014, 15:21)Dude Wrote: Ok, My Boss Troll

Ok @Mr.Troll Troll
~FYANB~ Servers Website

Primary Account:
[Image: 76561198070236721.png]
Secondary Account:
[Image: 76561198096107676.png]
Third Account:
[Image: 76561198164751656.png]
I know several languages, but not Asm...
I thought there was a "simple" way to locate offsets in the disassembled code. I don't understant how people do, but I think they have tested every things they could hook...
Is that correct ? There are better ways ?
Setangles doesnt work for players.
It works fine on Entitys and Getangles works too.
Am I doing something wrong?

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