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Release MW3 Dedicated server addon
@Nukem setclientdvar will now work without using 'q ' ?


(12-29-2011, 18:16)Nukem Wrote: *UPDATE*

Redownload plugin files and the addon itself

Now there is no program needed, just place the 'd3d9.dll' in your server directory and the new addon files. (And run the server)
Windows 2003 Server, started and works well!

Suggestions for plugins:
only chatlog
log GUID players
RemoteChat ( Source Code)

Thanks! :Rolleyes:

Just downloaded the latest version and tested it on our test sever, works a treat - Progressing really well, guys. Well done.

Was just wondering - Is the server still launched with the command line in addon/sv_config.ini, despite the lack of the iw5mp_addon.exe?


@korsika Good ideas, will use some of them

I think a swear system would be good. Curse words trigger a server message or PM.
Could be used for rules as well I guess.

no, swearing is part of online gaming.

Ok thanks to jariz and Nukem, the graphic tweak are rdy.
but, and now comes the great BUT:
If you join the server, and it doesnt matter if your config is writeprotected; and you leave then and join a normal server the settings still persists (except for fov)

(12-29-2011, 22:55)jaykay Wrote: no, swearing is part of online gaming.

Agreed, but some of my clans senior members don't like it on our servers. [though its a abuse free for all on our TS...]

I think a plugin for rules would be cool. Ours show up in timed messages but it would be good to just type !rules and have them pop up.
If I knew how to create the plugins I'd try creating them, but I wouldn't know where to start...

I'm working on swear word plugin as we speak.
Will release 'mw3 plugin pack 1' in a few hours.

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