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Release MW3 Change from Russian to English and other languages
How to change Russian To English (or others languages)

1) Activate your Russian CD key
2) Now when you see mw3 in your steam account click right on the game and select proprieties, now go to languages and select English or the language that you will use.
3)Now the game will download
4)Install the game after the download finish
5)Download our language pack and extract (Using Winrar) to steam/steamapps if it ask you to replace something click YES (put all folders from the archive into your existing folders)
6)rght click on the localization.txt -> properties -> mark it as read only

Tutorial with Images:

Video Tutorial: Coming soon

Languages Packs:


-zone\english folder (4,8 GB): part1.rar/ /part2.rar/ /part3.rar/ /part4.rar/ /part5.rar/ /part6.rar[/hide]

-main folder(5 x localized_english files): [hide]Part1, Part2, Part3

Localization.txt: Download[/hide]
all files as rapidshare:

Note: You will need this pass to open the files: ^6HJcB%JSx&fynN@EG@Z
English Mirror:

French: Coming soon

German: Start the Self-Extraction Archive by clicking on "CODMW3.part1.exe" and follow the Instructions (The Instructions are on German!)[hide][/hide]

Spanish: [hide]
password: ^6HJcB%JSx&fynN@EG@Z[/hide]

Italian: [hide]
password: ^6HJcB%JSx&fynN@EG@Z[/hide]

[Image: mw3-english-language.jpg]


Incompatible Data error when joining multiplayer match

1. Copy everything from language pack, click 'yes' to overwrite and/or merge folders.
2. Copy all files named 'patch*' from 'zone\russian' to 'zone\english'. - this is key to fixing the incompatible data error.
3. Start game, shoot some people, with all english text and voices!

Image quality is bad (game starts in small screen resolution)

For resolution issue, go to /PLAYER2
Open config.cfg with Notepad (file only created after first launch)
Change r_imageQuality "1" to 4
(11-08-2011, 20:48)s0kkie Wrote: I replaced the two small txt files, than I created a zone/english folder. Put all the zone/english files (only 106 files) from the torrent in it. Replaced the zone/english with the zone/russian (123 files). Afterwards replaced the downloaded zone/english files again on the zone/russian files (that are standing in my zone/english folder).
And I put the main folder files from the torrent in the main folder in the steam directory.
Hope this explanation is clear for you.

Attached Files
.rar   mw3-english-language-pack.rar (Size: 17.02 KB / Downloads: 1,861)


Even with this pack the videos are still in Russian, correct?

(11-08-2011, 23:35)meccs Wrote: Even with this pack the videos are still in Russian, correct?

Yep, hopefully someone uploads the files soon enough though
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

will this also work for multiplayer?

(11-08-2011, 23:49)Dr Krepz Wrote: will this also work for multiplayer?

Again, yes it will work for multiplayer.
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

awesome, thanks dude.

Error: Couldn't load image "xp_russian"
this happened after i copied the patch files :/

Rapidshare part 6 is missing. Filesonic parts are down.

can you (re-)upload them? anyone having a clue how to get the videos? cant they just be copy&pasted from an english version and uploaded somewhere?

@at the guy above me: you only downloaded the localized.rar and copied your files. what is missing are the 6 archives (rapidshare or Filesonic) and copy them to zone\englisch. you can not just copy the russian ones. once we have part 6, we are able to pub them into the folder Smile

Lol, steam is taking these links down really fast Confused
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

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