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Release ItsModsloader
(04-24-2011, 07:26)surtek Wrote:
(04-24-2011, 00:44)simonstaton Wrote: im getting a fatal error? please help everything is up to date im on 64bit.

There has been a patch, SuperNovaAO will update it when he is back.

awesome Big Grin in the mean time then lol, im a total noob with this crap but managed to mod in mw2 and rank hack myself. is there anyway that you know to rank hack in bo without the itsmodsloader?

No, and there will never be a rankhack in the future
when comes a new loader can never play cmmod ?
it has been patched, so you can only play against bots or use the loader to create and test mods, to be ready when offical mod support is released by trollarc
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I did everything you need to do and pressed insert, but all it says it ItsMods loader and underneath it says: none. And I can't select. Please help!
Copy some mods in your mods directory in separate subdirectories and rtfm.
i awear i love this mod and website in general thnks so much holm skillet biscut Big GrinHeartTongueExclamation
its work with freinds or its still loading the map ?
nope its still patched, use it to create and test mods
so how do i use this mod on boloader? Sad
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