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Release ItsModsloader
Nah he will reach 1337 by posting here Only!
The antivirus (Dr.Web Antivirus) swears on itsmodloader.dll (the last version of It`s Mod Loader)

P.S.: Trojan.Captcha.51(Virus)
ever heard of false/positives alarms?
heard. but maybe the developers did not specifically spread the virus? at least COMPLETELY disable anti-virus because of this I will not
oh my god, then dont use it.
there is NO risk about using this tool.
btw you can exclude or add specific files to a white or exception list.
Just to check whether or not some virus included itself on my dev machine I just downloaded the archive from this forum to my newly installed laptop which runs a legitimate version of F-Secure Client Security (Google for Anti Virus Comparatives and see that this is the second best AV available) and the test on viruses resulted in none found.


    * Files: 2
    * Not scanned: 0


    * Viruses: 0
    * Spyware: 0
    * Suspicious items: 0
    * Riskware: 0

Definitions version:

    * Viruses: 2011-02-18_09
    * Spyware: 2011-02-18_09

Scanning Engines:

    * F-Secure Aquarius: 11.00.00, 2011-02-18
    * F-Secure Hydra: 5.02.15, 2011-02-18
    * F-Secure Gemini: 3.01.32, 2011-01-10
Thank you! In my antivirus lag
i wanna help to changen mod and unlimeted ammo on
please talk to me fast
(02-20-2011, 13:42)anja1234 Wrote: i wanna help to changen mod and unlimeted ammo on
please talk to me fast

well explain your error please.
*super noob translator*
He doesn't have an error, he wants unlimited ammo and he don't know how to mod.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]

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