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Release FOV Fixer by Agent Rev
(12-21-2011, 17:00)hEAT Wrote: give us some proof?
dunno what u mean by giving a proof... i took just some screens
W Z !
Z | Z | J B.

they meant to post a pic of your steam vac status

Too tell if you are banned a head of time use
Unfortunately gave me ill future when i used MW2's Liberation on my old account, so pretty accurate from my experience.

(12-22-2011, 11:34)d0h! Wrote: they meant to post a pic of your steam vac status
W Z !
Z | Z | J B.

this tool is not bannable by vac. and you dont even need the newest version. Ive been using the version released 2 weeks ago up untill now, works.

because it uses patterns to find fov offset
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

i would deffinetly love to say that i too have been using it for week or so and nothing... i'm pretty much sure it's unbannable
[Image: 6084eb4d758983675e6e9aedefb1c782.gif]
Check me out <3

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