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Release Equipment Pack
Welcome again, are you tired of being revealed your position from an enemy equipment..or when you forgot to enable Hacker Perk. well today is your lucky day..introducing Texture Perk, all equipment that is placed anywhere on the map can be sighted by its new colour, so you won't be dying from any un-expected equipment that you think "shit if only it was brighter i would have noticed it".

Replace old files with the new modded files in the iw_11.iwi file.

~ Screen shot's:

[Image: c41.png]
-Camera Spike,
[Image: cameraspike1.png]
[Image: claymore1.png]
-Motion Sensor,
[Image: motionsensor1.png]
[Image: scrambler1.png]
& -Tactile Insertion,
[Image: tacticleinsertion1.png]

~ Virus Scans;

~ Credits;
- House/Arch/Seba for tutorial on texture modifications./ty
- faggot toobanooba for having nothing else to-do./gewd
- Master131 for locating the "motion sensor", cheers bro.Wink


Attached Files
.zip   Equipment (Size: 105.79 KB / Downloads: 69)

can you get banned for this?

(01-01-2011, 02:43)superbomb17 Wrote: can you get banned for this?

no, have fun

Wow thnx hated those gaymores
Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.

[Image: blaziqsig1.jpg]

Great work Smile

thanks dude

And how to keep the fancy version dds file in the same amount?

(01-09-2011, 19:32)Raven Wrote: And how to keep the fancy version dds file in the same amount?

here is a tutorial that shows how to create textures and how to keep the filesize plus crc

hahahah hey look its my work..
i was going to get all my files from **** and bring them here but i see you have, nice sir.

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