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Release EasyCaptu.re
[Image: logo.png]

I know this has nothing to do with modding, but this still is a really useful service that I've been working on for the past few months.
It has finally reached the BETA stage after a lot of work.

"EasyCapture enables you to share media with friends and family instantly

EasyCapture is a small, fast, easy and free tool that allows you to share content from your computer by just pressing a button.

Remember how you have to take a screenshot by pressing print screen, opening up a photo edit program, selecting your area, saving the picture, going to a image upload site, search for the file, press upload, look for the direct link (which they rarely give) and then copy it into your conversation?

With EasyCapture all you do is press a key, select the area and you're done"

  • 3rd party hosting supported (imgur and pastebin, more to come)
  • 3rd party accounts supported
  • Code highlightning
  • No account required
  • You can use the full program without even touching the settings
  • Very customizable
  • Capture sound from microphone and output device
  • Change action after capturing (for example copy link to clipboard after taking capture)
  • Edit captures
  • Delete captures
  • Change hotkeys
  • Freeze screen while taking screen capture (windows snipping tool-style)
  • Start with windows
  • No ads. Ever.
  • I save very little personal information, (no ip adresses, usernames, and what not)
  • Deleted captures are really deleted

People who have installed the alpha need to remove the configuration file because It's outdated. You won't have do this if you haven't installed the alpha.
Go to explorer and in the address bar type "%appdata%/easycapture" and remove the file inside of the folder.
After that, go to http://download.easycaptu.re/ and download it. (you MUST do this because 1.2.1's updater is broken)
The program will automatically update from then on and you won't have to do anything manually anymore.

  1. Sound Capture http://easycaptu.re/hLhFi
  2. Text Capture http://easycaptu.re/HcQaM
  3. Image Capture http://easycaptu.re/jGCYw
[Image: down.png]

Report bugs and issues here
Also, please, feel free to tell your friends if you love this.
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Cool, but you made this like one year ago, why releasing now Big Grin?
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(11-19-2012, 13:47)SailorMoon Wrote: Cool, but you made this like one year ago, why releasing now Big Grin?

Because back then, it had too many bugs. It still has minor bugs, but eh: it's called a beta. It's going to be awesome when it is done.
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Also, do i need NET Framework for this program?
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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@surtek It's done. I fixed all bugs I know of.

@jaydi Yes, At least 4.0 (as the download page tells you)
Tells me I already have a version installed. Too bad that version doesn't have a deinstaller.

I love the http://easycaptu.re/ design, btw.

edit: if I just ignore it and press yes, it says downloading herpderp and closes mid download. Afterwards it isn't installed.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
It installs right over it. Just press 'Yes'.
edit: Did you followed the steps in the OP about removing the config file etc? also thank @surtek , he did most of the design. (however I have had some input myself as well)
Just deleted the config file and manually deleted the registry keys. It installed now. Let's see how awesome this program really is.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
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Sweet, I got no idea what caused that. I guess it had something to do with the alpha being installed again.
Please, if you have any problems tell me, people.
First screenshot I try to make [Image: b5e7a8dec4c00aab8ea1323c9bb7637f.png]
But it did actually upload the image to http://easycaptu.re/8vqRf

Also, is it supposed to show the authcode in the debug window?

And it's a bit weird when selecting the screenshot area when you go left with the cursor.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

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