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[Release] Easy XP Modifier + Prestige in CT
btw it could be a problem of your antivir that blocks the download cause this mod contains the modloader too.
due to a false / positive scan alarm the download cant be finished. so close antivir and download it again
i hope i get this ranked mate Wink
i would love it

ps ct works great Wink
Could someone post a detailed tutorial (type or video is fine) that would a huge help.
there is a video tutorial shows how to use a mod in the tutorial section
tride that anti thing nope dont work btw how do open ya ~ beacuse when i do it it dont work??
i cant help you as long as i dont understand you.
use google translate or take one more minute bevor you hit the post reply button
is it safe to use?
sorry post
I figured it out, thanks for tips guys Smile
Ya it gave me a bunch of points but I want it to unlock the 5 custom classes.Is that possible ? Thx Big Grin

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