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Release Bunker Plugin 1.3
hey man, i saw on the code this cmd: !weapon why do u not have it in your information of avable cmd's?
and i'll ask for if it will auto save the code, or if i need to save it manuality?
I forgot about it but it's a useless command and it autosaves
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  • EnVi Sweden Rocks
i cant get autosave to work,
do you have save set to true in sv_config?
(02-14-2013, 15:09)archit Wrote: do you have save set to true in sv_config?

oops, thank you ;P
sorry guys, once again how to save bins . I'm a noob

Thank you all, I found the solution
[Image: doc137842780_192751677?hash=1bfc334a6fc0...7907&wnd=1]
i also wonder that.
lill problem, i have save on true, but when i make bunkers and the map restarts its gone. help please?!
test to restart the server and start it up again. that will work

1.0:Initial release
1.2:Fixed a bug where '.' was displayed as ',' due to unknown reasons by removing decimals
1.3:The bunkers save now(may need restart of server)
anyway to script this for IW5M use

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