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[Release] Barata's SP Hook - 1.9.453
Hey guys, finally I got shame of myself and finished this project!


[Image: vIV0n.png#.UIjBG8XA9UU]

[Image: UXyWu.jpg#.UIjAecXA9UU]


- Aimbot:
*Auto Shoot;
*Auto Zoom;
*Smooth Aimbot;
- ESP:
- Laser;
- Unl. Ammo;
- Unl. Health;
- Super Jump;
- Super Speed;
- Slow Mo;
- 1. Hit Kill;
- Fast Fire;
- No Recoil;
- No Spread;
- Chaos Mode;


1. Open Mw3 SP;
2. Inject the Hack dll inside the iw5sp.exe(SP process);
3. Use mouse to activate options on menu, and Insert to Open/Close menu.

Note: when using the Chaos Mode, disable EVERYTHING ELSE, before activating it!

Note²: when changing map disable EVERYTHING ELSE before doing so.


@Nukem - really, this is only possible because of him.
@master131 - Helped a lot!
smoochy(UC) - Helped me and was a good company while coding!
Alexak92(UC) - Helped a lot!
BaberZz(UC) - Provided usefull code!
King Orgy - Provided usefull code!
-Insane-(mpgh) - Menu Design, coding!
@JariZ - Good company/guy for talking!
Easy Capture Alpha (made by @JariZ) - Epic Tool!
@barata - meh!

Hope you like,

Thanks Barata...

Attached Files
.rar   Barata\'s Sp Hook.rar (Size: 134.14 KB / Downloads: 306)
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...
Best SP 'trainer' ever made.
Will make an video tomorrow.
Why you need WH when you're playing with bots... lol
Epic trainer.
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
^ a lot*
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
Nice tool, tried it today and it is awesome.

Can I request from you to add a new feature to allow shoot throught every walls/objects? Or is it even possible?

Also is it possible to auto disable every options when the game is going back to the menu? Because if I use it on a map and going back to the menu to start a new map, the game is going to crash. (I know you wrote the in the OP, just asking you about it)
Added the video to OP
I see what you did there Wink UC
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
it crashes everytime
(11-03-2012, 12:53)davidcool4 Wrote: it crashes everytime

legit steam version?
(11-03-2012, 12:54)d0h! Wrote:
(11-03-2012, 12:53)davidcool4 Wrote: it crashes everytime

legit steam version?

If yes, try to load the map, after loading pause the game and inject the dll.

Thanks Barata...
Don't worry if things aren't the way you planned, in the end everything will solve itself...

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