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Release Another Zombie Trainer v.3.0
done it work nice (lagg a little but dosent matter) hum last question does any of this work when u dosent host!?
i dont think so, be the host and everything is fine
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  • simcyn
yo its me again look when i get in game (host and evrything) the cheats keeps turning off the only thing that work is god mod.. the other 1 i have to go windows put it off then back on but it works only like 10 sec...
im clue less... should i get another version or smthin!?

plz anybody been w8 a little hour hlp me on this!! or tell me whut program to use!!
How do you open the program while in game??
it already out dated
only about half work
a few functions still work:

- Ammo for all 4 Players
- Godmode
- Noclip
- Money Editing
- Fast Trigger
Just a heads up guys... It no longer works. I was so dissapointed, the design/interface looked so good! I have another trainer which gives me max points and ammo, noclip and a bunch of other variables but it all only works for me... not for my allies.

I run the trainer, then I run black ops, I alt tab, tick the boxes, and return to the game where nothing has changed at all... not even for me.
use this one


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