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Release Another Zombie Trainer v. 2.1
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! You use this and any other program you download from the internet at your own risk.


Beware of the Skull, it likes cookies!

[Image: screeniev21fullscreen.png]

Changes over 2.0:
  • - Some bug-fixes
  • - Added Support for every hack on every version out there so far (from Update 1 on)
  • - Made nearly everything costumizable, e.g. the key that the Auto-Trigger is mapped to
  • - You can now make the BO in window-mode look like fullscreen (just click "Remove Borders of BO" in the Settings)
  • - All Hacks that are enabled are now listed on the new Game-Overlay
  • - Minimized the time Downloading takes
  • - All Offsets are now calculated from a base-offset, which is the Offset for Health

List of Features:
  • - Unlimited Ammo For:
  • - Primary
  • - Secondary
  • - Akimbo (or dual wielded ) weapons
  • - Grenades
  • - Monkey Bombs
  • - Claymores
  • - Unlimited Zombie Money (will watch that your money doesn't drop
    below a certain value, you can still earn money as normal)
  • - Godmode (No Zombie/Bullet-Damage)
  • - Fast-Trigger: when activated, you can fire semi-automatic weapons, e.g. the FN-Fal as it would be automatic using the key you configured
  • - NoClip (or UFO-Mode)
  • - Show FPS (draws your current FPS on the game-screen)
  • - Remove Gun
  • - Set your walk/Run-Speed (F7 to set back to normal, F9 to set to 500 due to request from Lord Taz)
  • - Game-Overlay (working with window mode only), which shows
  • - A Crosshair, that doesn't interfere with your mouse. Something that made it pretty much useless on other trainers
  • - The currently activated Hacks
  • - Your Current Health (Inspired by Phytons Trainer)
  • - The color of the Overlay is configurable.

Most of these will also work in campaign, but not all.
Quote:I will still release new Offsets for Version 2.0, but this hack will get the new offsets first.

- Master131 for reporting a bug concerning the update
- Phyton789 for the DrawWeapon-Offset and inspiration
- Blubb1337 because he is german and just has to be mentioned
- Edlmann for Coding and gathering all the offsets

Attached Files
.rar   Black-Ops-SP-Trainer.rar (Size: 603.38 KB / Downloads: 120)
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  • blackout612, Eekhoorn, HunterDK333, timmytimp1
Download it but gonna try it tomorrow need some sleep xD
Thank you and please keep updating Smile
[Image: mca.png]

Work perfect Smile tnx
does it work online too? Big Grin
(02-14-2011, 16:42)KiwiMaster Wrote: does it work online too? Big Grin
Yep thats what im doing right now lol
[Image: mca.png]

Like the GUI, Good job
i cant press f1 or any of those hotkeys if i do it will put up my brightness and ect.
Works perfect Wink
It doesnt work anymore for me.

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