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Release Another Zombie Trainer v. 2.0
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS! You use this and any other program you download from the internet at your own risk.

Quote:Hey guys,

I kept on working on my Zombie-Mode-Trainer, and as there are quite a lot of Zombie-Trainers beeing released at the moment, i had to make mine somehow special, so here is my update Big Grin

[Image: screenie1mpgh.png]

[Image: screenie2mpgh.png]

Changes over 1.1:
  • - Added quite a lot of features (see Feature-List)
  • - Fixed (hopefully) all bugs concerning the updating of the offsets (Yeah master, also yours :cybo: )
  • - Some other Bugfixes
  • - Moved Game-Status from the Title-Bar to a Panel, so it is easier seen
  • - Added Help-Feature, where all the stuff you need to know is listed
  • - Added HotKey-Support (Yay Wink )
  • - You don't need to start the update once before using it, it works right away

List of Features:
- Unlimited Ammo For:
  • - Primary
  • - Secondary
  • - Akimbo (or dual wielded Big Grin) weapons
  • - Grenades
  • - Monkey Bombs
  • - Claymores
- Unlimited Zombie Money (will watch that your money doesn't drop
below a certain value, you can still earn money as normal
- Godemode (For Updates 1-3: Only setting Health very high, from
Update 4 and for Steam guys: No Zombie/Bullet Damage)
- Fast-Trigger: when activated, you can fire semi-automatic weapons, e.g. the FN-Fal as it would be automatic using the "x"-Key on your Keyboard
Only for Update 4 and up:
- NoClip (or UFO-Mode)
- Show FPS (draws your current FPS on the game-screen)
- Remove Gun
- Set your walk/Run-Speed

Most of these will also work in campaign, but not all.


- Edlmann for Coding and all the other offsets
- Master131 for reporting a bug concerning the update
- Phyton789 for the DrawWeapon-Offset //wrong Credits, real goes to UC
- Blubb1337 for helping with a few questions and because he was
already missing in the last two threads Wink

Attached Files
.rar   Black-Ops-Zombie-Trainer - by Edlmann.rar (Size: 588.03 KB / Downloads: 379)
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Btw will it work for online playing?
Also, we need :cybo: smiley here
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]
I dont know, you need to test it
Unlimited Ammo for Monkey Bombs, not working for Update 4.
Works online but somebody named Blackops joined my game and now im afraid to go on there
[Image: mca.png]

^^ Made me LOL! Just play with unlim ammo, bind a key and your fine..
every1 i can confirm that this works online all you need is to be host =)

random quistion but does any1 no wht the (3arc)democlient is?
[Image: m9ljxv.jpg]
(02-10-2011, 07:40)skata3000 Wrote: every1 i can confirm that this works online all you need is to be host =)

random quistion but does any1 no wht the (3arc)democlient is?

ummm i already said that
[Image: mca.png]

(02-10-2011, 07:40)skata3000 Wrote: every1 i can confirm that this works online all you need is to be host =)

random quistion but does any1 no wht the (3arc)democlient is?

democlient is recording your gameplay..

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