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Problem with _globallogic_player.gcf
Hello everybody,

I was trying to make a modification in _globallogic_player.gcf when I found out that when I use the modified version the game would freeze for a few seconds when I got killed by a bot. I also get a message in the console that says:
server script runtime error: potential infinite loop in script: killling thread

When I kill somebody I don't get the problems on my side. Though I don't know what happens with the player that gets killed because they are all bots for now.

So I thought it might be my moddification but when I try the unmodified version I get the same roblems.

So is there something that can be put in _globallogic_player.gcf to prevent this?
Try to put in your config_mp cfg this : developer "1" and see onscreen script, maybe can help u, there 's also: debuger_script "1"
So when you do not replace the file your game works fine.

Then you add a modified version to be loaded and it freezes.

(02-21-2011, 13:12)Cyborgking Wrote: So I thought it might be my moddification but when I try the unmodified version I get the same roblems.
When you place the original file in there it also freezes?!

Sounds weird.
If I understand this wrong and the game does not freeze when you palce the original file in the mod-directory, I would like to see (only) the parts that you have changed.

Posting your entire file will make me ignore it.
Do u sure gcf files are mod able?
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]
I once released a dump of a lot files (do not confuse this with the raw file dump that Mods Repository posted.)
All of those files are moddable with ItsModsloader.

(doh! knows this board better than me and I can't find a link at this moment).
Sorry that I am confusioning. I meant _globallogic_player.gsc not gcf. Blush
What I meant was that the unmodified version(the one that is straight from the zip) gives the same problems as the moddified version. So it's not my modification in the script that causes the problem.

Edit: I found out it do had somehting to do with my own modification, it's fixed now. Sorry to bother you guys with it. Blush

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