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Preview Tom Xmodel Utils
(06-10-2012, 01:11)TwoPumpChump Wrote:
(06-10-2012, 01:02)BrokenSilenceDev Wrote:
(06-07-2012, 09:08)TwoPumpChump Wrote: 0.98 Released !

This version as well as the last version randomly stop working when I launch it about 70% of the time. Sad

Yer I've had another person tell me it crash and I've sent them a new build with some edited load code.

You got steam or xfire and I can send you a version to test ?

Yeah my steam is BrokenSilenceDev
[Image: 1314387173_broken.png]

[Image: classic-76561198035631049.png]
Update 0.984 Released !

Release Notes:
* Fixed Random Crashing on start up (was imported function pointer)
* Far and near Planes updated(you can now get much closer to the model and it won't clip when zooming out)
* New Cache friendly data layouts increasing load speeds for models.
* Xmodel Properties now shows total Meshes for the surface
* Xmodel Properties now Lists Tags
* Rendering now uses non static VBO's
* Xmodel List background no longer gets streched at top and bottom
* Xmodel List updated GUI
* Scroll Bars now show focus
* Scroll Bars can now be clicked on at any postion and the slider will move.
* Scroll Bars have new GUI
* New Button Types
* Some Genral GUI logic improvements
* GUI Render Speed Improvements
* Grid Size Reduced by 10
* Grid has center stripe.
* Dynamic Menus Outside areas now fade in out correct.
* When the Xmodel Property or Log menu is clicked on it will become the topmost.
* Log Prefixes msg with the message type: WARNING / ERROR
* GUI ItemResize Log Msg now updates Timer before adding resize time to log.
* Draw Axis setting now saves correct
* Camera now starts zoomed out
* IWD Scan Popup will now appear if raw/images count is below 2500 instead of the old 500
* Fixed a mutex that was not locking correctly causing some sync problems leading to random start up crash.
* Fixed a mutex not unlocking on 1st start of program, locking the program.
* Central locator and Axis now draw correct with VBO's on.
* Central locator size doubled and color changed from green to blue
* Bounding Box made 1px thinner along with added transparency.
* Settings Sub menu's fade time increased from 0.5-1.0
* Fixed Menu Fade bug where it was 100% on first frame
* Frame Code no longer eats up set title message preventing taskbar in XP getting program name.
* Perofmance increase the speed of rendering text.
* Massive perofmance increase for rendering large sections of text (aka ListBox)
* My Text Render system now checks for color flags in the text.
* Xmodel Log has color coded output (red = error, orange = warning, green = ok !, blue = info )
* Xmodel Loaded msg and load time is now 1 line instead of 2
* Dumping of static text files msg only appears in log if dumped(they have always been single time dump)
* My TGA converters for RGB8 to TGA had incorrect memory size, causing heap corruption.
* Xmodel_Export Scale will now always be 1.0
* Xmodel_Export bone code is now relative (it's still not fully right for some reason will look at it more later)
* When no export path is set will be in the programs running directory + /exported.
* GDT Exporter will now set type as animated when num bones > 1 instead of > 0.
* GDT Exporter has some updates
* Added reset buttons for directorys
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5 char xD
Might as well test this version again ;p
[Image: enjin-103434-13169654251028747231-blue.png]
(06-18-2012, 23:23)TwoPumpChump Wrote: Update 0.984 Released !

Release Notes:

Did you block me on Steam?
This version is blocked by my AntiVirus Software
[Image: 1314387173_broken.png]

[Image: classic-76561198035631049.png]
just an update static xanim is complete Smile getting close to a finished tool

keep up the great work tom Smile OMA Goliath Tracked Mine
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I saw it already, looks good, Like to mess around with it
The new update is not out yet right? Huh
[Image: veovuq.png]
Tom hasn't posted a changelog here yet, so I'm gonna guess it hasn't been released yet
(06-28-2012, 09:10)Yamato Wrote: The new update is not out yet right? Huh


(I won't reply for a while after post this going to bed Smile )

(06-28-2012, 09:11)JariZ Wrote: Tom hasn't posted a changelog here yet, so I'm gonna guess it hasn't been released yet

latest released version is 0.987

You can check the update log here: http://www.tom-bmx.com/downloads.php?act...otes&id=10
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