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Preview MW2 Rotu1.0a Alpha
Hey guys! This mod created by me and Rendflex!

It's RELEASED in Mod Release Section

I updated this thread. Added many things.
NOTE please: This is not import or copy, this is remake with new things of the popular mod for cod4: Reign of the undead .

This is zombie mod, type AI vs P. This mod has many features, things etc.
I will tell you all features. ( Haters go out )

Gameplay, Mod Features
This is zombie survival. You must protect yourself in zombie attack! You can use shop,
interesting boxes, other items. Teamwork - key to survive.

- We added custom ranks in game, Max level right now is 25. We will add more ranks.
- Fine code, no overflows
- Challenges, Medals
- Many dvars for fully configure mod on server.
- Custom sounds
- Custom images
- Epicness maps without CP ( I hate CPs )
- New killstreaks
- New effects, special waves visuals

This mod is round based, and including special waves as:
  • - Default zombies
  • - Toxic zombies
  • - Default zombies
  • - Inferno Zombies
  • - Default zombies
  • - Hell Zombies
  • - Default zombies
  • - "Boss" Zombie
  • - Also we made ending as film, this wave is classfied, you will see it in game
- We added custom gamemodes, for more gameplay. Server host can change that with a dvar. Mod including following gamemodes:
  • - waw - You will spawn with pistol and you can buy random weapon. Special waves enablied, weapon box too. Max waves for this gamemode: 8
  • - upgrade - You will spawn with specific class weapons. Special waves disablied, weapon box changed to "Upgrade Box", you must killing zombies / helping teammates for earn points and upgrade weapon.
  • We want to add thoose gamemodes in next versions:
  • - "Dead ops arcade" (DOA) and "Capture the objective - survival".


- You can earn points buy killing zombies, helping, making assists, and by teamwork. Each time you kill a zombie, you get +25 points which you can use to buy upgrades, perks, and so on.
The points (money) amount can be edited by a dvar.

- Custom HUD
- New visuals
- Real Last Stand. ( Teammates must revive. If you will in downed more than 40 seconds, you will die. )
- Quick messages menu, We changed some quickmessage's menu functions, and added following features:
  • 1. Follow me
  • 2. Help me
  • 3. Hold this position
  • 4. Cover me
  • 5. Revive me!
  • 6. Need ammo!
  • 7. Need medic!
  • 8. Toggle thirdperson
- Also for full gameplay we added two shops as
Quote: 1. Normal shop
2. Shop with explosives
- Normal shop including:
  • - Barrel // If zombie will touch it, this will kill a zombie.
  • - MG Turret
  • - Sentry turret // Yea ! We made it.
  • - Anti dote // If you are infected, you can cure yourself.

- "Explosive shop" including:
  • - TNT Bomb // We found TNT Bomb model in FastFiles. Very Explosive, i will upload video soon.
  • - C4
  • - Frag grenade
  • - Semtex
  • - Claymore // Yep, this works too.

Besides the shop, there's Perk a cola machines like in Nazi zombies, a ammo box, and of course the random box.

Juggernog - Gives 3x HP for 3 minutes
Quick revive -This will only be aviable while you play yourself/singleplayer, so you will be able to revive your self.
The random box, and the pack a punch dosen't need a explanation.

Mod has some new killstreaks. In upgrade mode you must have more kills than in waw mode for earn killstreaks. ( btw, english is bad )
  • 25 Kills - AVM Missile
  • 50 Kills - New helicopter which killing zombie too !
  • 80 Kills - Mortar Barrage.
  • 150 Kills - Blackhawk
  • 240 Kills - Firestorm
  • 300 Kills - AC130
  • I don't know what about nuke.

- Survivor can be Infected by zombie hit. If he will not cure yourself he will turn into zombie and die. Every zombie type have specific percent for infect you.
- Survivor has CLASSES
The most important thing in this mod when it comes to the player features, is the classes.
Each class has it's own special ability, perks, models, viewmodels (hands), revive time, skill(As a example, the zombies have harder to detect the assassin than the assault, and the engineer repairs things faster), but also its cons. Fine code.
List of the classes and it's abilitys:
  • Assault:
    Rampage - This special gives you fast reload (Sleight of hand) and ROF X4(Rapid fire) perks for 30 seconds, the recharge time of this special is 60 seconds.
  • Assassin:
    Damage aura, the zombies wont see you during this special, You wont take damage, and you will destroy everything thats close to you.
  • Scout:
    Hitman & Speed boost
    - Hitman - Damage is trippled, Speed boost - Speed increasing(25 seconds of use, 55 seconds recharge time)
  • Medic:
    If you're a medic, you'll be equipped with a medical kit, you'll be able to revive your teammates faster, you'll be able to use poisonous Bullets and you can also spawn a powerfull healing area.
    You can also heal wounded survivors if they are close to you.
  • Engineer:
    Ammo box and Engineering:
    Ammo Box(You will give max ammo every 5 second on X ammount of time, if they're close to the ammo box you've just spawned)
    The use time is 20 seconds, and recharge time is 57 seconds.
    Engineering - You can repeair turrets, boxes, and you'll be equipped with the scavenger perk, which means that you'll be able to loot ammo from dead zombie's body.
    Supplying survivors - You can supply( give ammo/equipment ) your teammates if they are close to you.
  • Armored:
    Armor: Zombies have harder to kill you.
    Invicible: Zombie will not see you for 20 seconds.
If you have ideas, tell us !

AI Bot Systems
We used some parts from Nukem's code, but heavy modifed.

- Animations, the best thing for zombies. ( I found this first (in mw2 modding) Heart ). Zombie has animation types as:
  • "Alerted" - When the zombie spots you
  • "Idle" - Just standing
  • "Attack" - When the zombie attacks you
  • "Damaged" - When the zombie is damaged
  • "Run" - Running
  • "Jump" - When the zombie jumps // ..... wow
- Zombie speed. Zombie can now spot and run faster to you when you shooting. If you have silenced weapon, it will be harder to alert them.
Also, default speed depends on a dvar and increases every wave.
- Zombie sounds:
We have used custom sounds. So the zombies "growl" as in nazi zombies. There's also custom skins used in the same way as sounds.
- Zombie visuals as blood fx, death sounds, ragdoll, i mean, zombie's body not will deleted, and not as AAIH mod. This will have real ragdoll. Also if zombie dead by explosive, zombie's dead body will "fly" (not flying zombies xD)
- Bot gravity. No more flying "shit". Zombie can jump now too.

Map features:
- We are using models which are placed in the MW2 maps/fastfiles.
- In the later versions, we will probably add barricades, as in the original ROTU, the engineer will then have the advantage to repair them faster.
- Every map have it's own epic shop and random weapon box model.
- Every map have different zombie models.
You can see some maps on screens ( more maps in progress right now ).
Finnished maps: ( with difficulty )

Use only THOOSE maps:
Vacant - Can be buggy

Maps in progress:
- Derail ( Done: 20 % ) \\ We will call it "Snow story"
- Invasion ( Done: 70 % )
Some screens of maps
Also there are some screens too: http://alteriw.net/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=69379
I will add more screens soon.
- Added FXs on maps.

Other things

- Custom weapons as Raygun, Chainsaw( We found model ), Flamethrower, TNT Bomb, Throwing Knife Gun.
http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/542891...3746F9618/ - chainsaw

- End credits
- New ambients
- When you will downed, zombie not will spot you.
- I will add support for SP maps (aIW 2.0 or Leaked iw4m2). On some maps will added DOGS
- More players - More zombies in wave
- Admin powers as
  • You can toggle if the host powers should be enabled, or not with a single dvar.
  • You could also select who should get these powers.
  • set_vision <vision name> - Vision set
  • play_sound <sound name> - Plays sound
  • give <what ?> - we made it <3
  • sbp "name"; sbpw "what to say"; ( sbp - say by player, sbpw - say by player words ) // Credits nukem
  • sayall_as "name"; sayall "blablabla"; (The console will then say: "I'm a console ^_^")
  • kill <player name> // kill player
  • boom <player name> // explode player
  • kill_zombies <amount> // kill zombies

- Some few bugs:
They will all be fixed soon. (Sometimes we are just extremly lazy)
  • "The glitcher bug":
    Players will have 0 HP, and won't have HUD. This bug have a very small chance to happen.
    However If this bug will detected, the player will get disconnected/kicked with reason ( he must connect again , hot-fix soon )
  • New Shop Models are not solid.
No more "big" bugs for now, since we fixed most of them.
- Some checking system
We added them for fully mod working ( most of them for aIW )
  • Mod Folder Check.
  • IWDs Check
  • "The glither bug" check
  • Rank check
  • "Fake Name" check. If player has creator's name, he will kicked/banned Tongue
- Ban system. The admins can add the Xuid's of the player to make him/her permamently banned.

Some videos: Thoose videos is old and has old features, new updated videos soon )
Zombie dog gamemode which will release in next versions.

Boss Defeating ( this one video is OLD!!!! , i will upload a one new soon )

Inferno wave:

Main creators and developers:
@Nekochan (aka yudi21, se7en_u) and Rendflex !

Reign of the Undead COD4(By Muzino'Bipo) - The mod is based on it... so "most" ideas are from there, some codes
Yamato - Awe(some) Codes
Arasonic/Chronaliz - Random weapon box
Nukem - Bot system
4FunPlayin - AVM Missile
Maxmito7393 - Raygun
iBanana - fag
Glitch/Bugs reports:
[UA] Slash

Thanks for reading !
[-] The following 11 users say Thank You to Nekochan for this post:
  • 12ab, alvarogt95, aosma8, Arteq, d0h!, Lemon, Metro-Police#45, n3rd, surtek, TheRPGBomb, Xzite
The best zombie mod on MW2.
Mods are getting better, I would love to see this kind of mods on black ops. It will been get up from the dead.
Great, but we want to see a download icon now !Smile Nyan Cat
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
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  • pavlos.pap
(05-11-2011, 19:25)surtek Wrote: Mods are getting better, I would love to see this kind of mods on black ops. It will been get up from the dead.

We have already started a mod "Reign Of The Undead" on Black Ops. But we expect the mod tools to continue Big Grin
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  • Arteq, SuperNovaAO
Custom sounds and animations? srsly? on aIW?

Maybe an early video? Big Grin
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

Are you looking for any Servers to test it on ?
Custom models have always been possible, but you will have to get everyone to install them if they wanna play... Btw this is sounding awesome, I never got to play RotU on CoD4 but I've seen vids and it looked amazing.
(05-17-2011, 17:16)seren666 Wrote: Custom models have always been possible, but you will have to get everyone to install them if they wanna play... Btw this is sounding awesome, I never got to play RotU on CoD4 but I've seen vids and it looked amazing.

You can play RotU and other cod4 mods using xfire for free.

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