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Preview Black ops Trickshot Mod
Hi all, in this week I was boring so I decided to make a trickshot mod.

  • Freezed bot
  • Can teleport Bot
  • give some default classes fo trickshot
  • Teleport for player [BUG: In some map you will get teleported under the map.]
  • Two default trickshot spot for most maps.
  • You can save your position and load it.
  • A small menu to give god mode (only if is an admin) and set level 50.
  • A small player menu which you can Kick a player or set his admin.


BUG List:
  • You can only teleport one bot and if there are other bots they will not teleport.
  • When I try to kick a bot not work.
  • Tactical insertion don't work
  • You can only paly if the gametype is S&D else the game give you an error

I will post the mod when I fix the BUG and added some thing like admin verification.

lame and gay because nemexis.
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