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[OUDATED] [MW3 Addon] Plugin Pack 1
(12-30-2011, 13:58)jariz Wrote: Turns out welcomer welcomes everyone who spawns, so it pretty much spams all over the console.
Will try to fix this in Plugin Pack 2

what about a weapon kicker?

iam waiting ur rcon and b3 ^^ ,, we are recruiting for black ops 2 !! join us soldier Cool

1. Idea!
Vote for the players at the end of the battle with the choice of the next regime and maps.
2. The information banner at the entrance to the server with the possibility of editing for the administrator.
Welcom you on my server (server name)
Rules for players:
On the server prohibited cursing and cheats.
Friendly fire is enabled on the server.
Prohibited the deliberate killing of members of their team, and so on.

b3 will take a while, however rcon is almost done
just some more fixes
@Crash31 good ideas! will pick the one i like the most

Give me more ideas if you want people!

can u support webbased rcon ,, so i can kick , ban and chat from my website ,, we are recruiting for black ops 2 !! join us soldier Cool

Idea! Screenshot of PunkBuster Screenshot anticheat equivalent-it would be very, very good)

Cant u make it as close to promod as possible?

(12-31-2011, 08:59)armagedon Wrote: Cant u make it as close to promod as possible?

[Image: 12728426.jpg]
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

jariz, nice job! Go on, do not stop.

(12-31-2011, 04:56)jariz Wrote: Give me more ideas if you want people!

Add IP to player.log and justify columns (replace spaces with tabs) please.
For example:
IP <TAB> XUID <TAB> ping <TAB> name
Then the headers (eg "ping") can not write to the log. It will be easier to read and take up less space.

@Yurio Yep, that would be alot better, Guess i'll need to update that one as well.
@armagedon @dokapp is currently working on this and he making some great process Awesome

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