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Norecoil Tester
Hi guys. i need code for test norecoil hackers.

it should be like:
0)Freez control - i need this
1)Take all weapon. - i know how to realize this
2)Give Barret - i know
3)Force to select Barett -i think i know
4)Scope Barret - i need this
5)Rapidfire force to shoot Barret - and i need this

i will select player in admin menu and will give him TestRecoil function then he will lost all weapons then will take barret scope and rapide fire with it. so i can easy see if he has recoil or not. Thank you.
(10-25-2012, 10:59)islamsaab Wrote: 4)Scope Barret - i need this
5)Rapidfire force to shoot Barret - and i need this

Those two aren't possible through just .gsc coding i'd guess.
You can neither force a player to shoot bullets nor to ADS in.

It would be possible through .menu files though. But i don't think that's an option...
They aren't even 'modable' in the legit version.

Note: There is a bug regarding .menu files, so that they don't load properly on first connect in the pirated version of a large gaming conglomerate
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  • islamsaab
Okay, thank you. i have another plan to test norecoiler i know the code to torn off Recoil
self player_recoilScaleOn(0);
and torn On it back
self player_recoilScaleOff(0);
But what is the code to increase Recoil to VERY big value. like M4A1 will shoot as Barets recoil.
self player_recoilScaleOn(5);

try it, don't know if it works
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Any other suggestions\ideas? still dont have results

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