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No Steam Master Servers found. Server will LAN visible only.
post your whole config startup line

If you host a server on your pc @home you should close steam, start your server and start steam again!!!

If your steam is running before starting server it blocks some ports so its only at your Lan list....

At least dont forget to copy te the "Steam.dll" to your servers directory


i also have the same issue i did that but still can see the server in lan tab only

I get this as well but when I run it, it does say "Steam Game Server Initialized. Steam server connected blah blah." but nobody can see it, I had Favorited my server before when it was working and I could join through that. I sent my friend my favorites.slist and replaced his but he couldn't find it either. Will try the Steam idea tomorrow.
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even if i start the steam after the server i cannot see the favorite or internet game tab only the lan tab


ok i've done ultimate test i put my server in DMZ and now i can see the server in internet tab so maybe the port that MW3 use is not exaclly the same as i have on my list

i will try to find out what additionnal port we need to open

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