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News What we know about the mod tools
Raven does a lot in all CoD's they also are working on CoD:Online exclusively now.
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Quote:UGX-Mods @UGXMods
Now that the BO3 tools have zombie content will you be giving the tools out to more? We'd love to share videos with our 280k members @pcdev
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pcdev @pcdev 28. jun.
@scobalulaman There are a lot of talented modders who don't have the tools yet, but they will. Patience!
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DerpShark @DerpSharkYT 1 hour ago
@pcdev @DaKooDragon @scobalulaman Will you be releasing the tools this year?
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pcdev @pcdev
@DerpSharkYT That's the plan.
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The mod tools are out now. A new thread could perhaps be made.

Anyone did a "simple mod" right now?

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