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News Nostalgic map pack (DLC)
nice maps -.- two mw2 -.-

Even if vid isn't real, I think we can expect these maps in some dlc.
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

I wouldn't be suprised if IW actually released this shit altough I know it's fake.

awesome map pack i will buy it when it realeases

this is FAKE!
confirmed by fourzerotwo

(11-26-2011, 16:25)alvarogt95 Wrote: awesome map pack i will buy it when it realeases

Lol read what other ppl post before posting yourself,
Like the @DEREKTROTTER says, it's fake as fuck

(11-26-2011, 16:28)DEREKTROTTER Wrote: this is FAKE!
confirmed by fourzerotwo

Derp, it's fourzerotwo, his job is to get as much shit sold as possible, of course he deems it fake, whether it is or not.
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YouTube 2:DerpShark- Gaming Entertainment
Contact: im[at]

Don't see how this is even dlc, may as well just play mw2 or cod4.. Probably not legit (if it is WTF were they thinking.)

mhnn, maybe dedi server might have better use


you might want to know that not everyone here is Italiano, so the screen makes no sense at all

edit// oh gladio ninja action edited his post, now mine makes no sense at all -.-

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