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News Modern Warfare 3
Be out on 8/8/2011 08:08:08

@House lolwut?


If a MW3 is coming out in 2011 already, I ain't getting it. It's just another expansion pack.
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do you mean same like bc2 vietnam?

[Image: SG.jpg&h=100&w=100&zc=1&q=95]

Quote:Activision is recruiting an all-star team to make its already successful game franchise bigger.

The LA Times is reporting that Activision is enlisting two other game studios to help Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3. The two studios: rookie studio Sledgehammer Games and veteran Raven Software. Sledgehammers role isnt being disclosed yet but Raven will be working on the multiplayer.

This is a risky move for Activision since the previous Call of Duty games were worked on completely by one studio and its surprising they would want to mess with the formula. Further messing with the house of cards is delaying work on the spinoff CoD game being made by Sledgehammer.

But then again, with Guitar Hero sales crashing and Tony Hawk games flat lining Activision really needs a big seller and wouldnt want to overflow the Call of Duty boat.

Look for Modern Warfare 3 this November and an announcement sometime between GDC and E3.

(01-15-2011, 00:06)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: If a MW3 is coming out in 2011 already, I ain't getting it. It's just another expansion pack.
AgreeBig Grin
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]


They will put Guitar Hero minigames in it (Sledgehamer...)

(01-22-2011, 13:37)SuperNovaAO Wrote: They will put Guitar Hero minigames in it (Sledgehamer...)
Use guitar to kill the enemy lol Big Grin
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]

VALVe already did that in L4D2 and it rocked, literally.

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