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News Make your Server XP Boost
Hi, I found a console command in the net, which makes you rank up quickly if u have your own server. Or ask an Serveradmin to this for u.
The commands are:
/rcon login your password
/rcon setadmindvar scr_tdm_score_suicide 1000000
/rcon setadmindvar scr_tdm_score_kill 9999

Kill yourself by grenade, semtex or jump outside the map to get LVL 50
If in the Forum there is aleady an post like this, u can delete this.
I would be glad if someone has an server and would do this and add me in Steam.
ID is DrNuke666
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  • ForOurSins, MorganHJK, pinot.project, sixlockdown
Thanks for sharing Smile
I saw these commands as well on another forum, but I can't remember seeing them on this forum.

I also saw this:
/rcon setadmindvar scr_codpointsperchallenge ####

Haven't been able to test this yet tho, since my server hasn't been installed yet.
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  • pinot.project
I´ll have to wait till 17th November. In my location there are no servers available.
The commands are working. Yesterday i was on such a server, but the admin switched the server after 1 round off.
I don´t know if this command works, too.
Have a try.
/rcon setadmindvar scr_codpointsperchallenge ####
do you know that we are running such a host since 3 days?
it will be patched today or within the next 2 days anyway
it didnt work for me

Is your server still running with XP Boost?
If it is so, can u add me on Steam to join the server?
My serverbrowser doesn´t find any of the ItsMods server.
its not my server. one of the forums owner. i cant tell you if you can connect or not
(11-15-2010, 18:38)d0h! Wrote: its not my server. one of the forums owner. i cant tell you if you can connect or not

Can you get banned for this?

we tried it all night and nvr worked
(11-16-2010, 05:53)Skittles Wrote: we tried it all night and nvr worked

A recent patched fixed both of the above commands.

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