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News Make your Server XP Boost
The dvars still work, to bypass the recent patch just fast_restart your server.

yo can u add me to steam nuke, I needa rank plzz my steam is Ian_Sullivan16 thx man im looking for ur server but i dont see an AAAAAAA1111111 !

Nuke,could you please add me to Steam,i need a XP Boost Server and my steam is pollution599.3Q= =

The XP Boost doesnt work anymore. They patched it again this night.
But Im searching another way to rank up fast again.

ok for all, stop posting your steam IDs here. send him a pm or wait untill he is creating a post

okok dude keep cool Big Grin


Im 12th prestige because of one of those servers 2 days ago.
But i wanna finish it to 15th lvl 44 at least. So i can use my LOVELY command Tongue

Very nice you guys trying to find this sort of things out keep it cool Wink

Is this patched??!?

i got another way xD

(11-19-2010, 11:29)TheSaboteur Wrote: i got another way xD

Whats the comands you use??! :3

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