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News MW3 Zombie shit montage

I just was bored so i made shity montage about zombie mod ( @litgar 's zoomby clan ) with linear blur which already ate @JariZ 's eys.
I made it in 20 minutes so i don't care about quallity. Dumb Bitch
EDIT: yeah video sucks don't spam

Zombie must capture flag to teleport and get the guns from mystery box.
New Gamemode,
HUD with points/hp
Shop with perks, more weps, and new abilities as medic. (for zombies are: jugger, speed zombie, and more )
ammo box,
new map places ( flag teleport )
Teleports (you must get 4 kills to teleport)
and more..
by @litgar
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
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QCZM : MW3 edition

@Killingdyl would be proud Big Grin
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
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[Image: MaEIQ.png]
i see you were bored when making this by analizing this montage...
wtf man
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
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where to download thjs mod???
Can't, it are different mods, and @litgar won't release them in public, it's only for hes own servers Wink
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
[Image: hax0r3ez.gif]
zoomby clan and Alex-this shit is fucking bitch fucking bitch that would be 10000000000000 computers ddOSS your server!!!!

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