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News Combat Training Problem
Hey well i have a problem in combat training basicly what i did was changed the xp to something like 500000 then got loads of kills, then i chnaged it to -50000 then got a few kills then it froze and it unfroze but now it does that every time i enter combat training it freezes and unfreezes well its basicly unplayable
Any Help??
moved to modding problems
you are probbaly overflowing the server with commands
no it does it every time i enter
r u loading a mod or normal game, if ur in a normal game try deleteing ur config_mp.cfg
(02-08-2011, 06:18)No One Wrote: r u loading a mod or normal game, if ur in a normal game try deleteing ur config_mp.cfg

It was in a normal game but deleting the config_mp.cfg file did not resolve this very annoying issue
only way i think of now is reinstalling BO if ur that desprite

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