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News CoD Elite Status
Latest update: November 10th, 7:30AM PST

Since Tuesdays launch, Modern Warfare 3s multiplayer has been working great. In fact, the amount of players online is even higher than what it was this time last year for Black Ops. Have fun -- we hope you continue to enjoy MW3 to the fullest.

However, on Call of Duty Elite, we are having trouble scaling the service to meet demand. Many of you are trying to get in and unfortunately, you cant right now. Youre frustrated, we know it, and we know we need to fix it. Our teams have been working non-stop to identify issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. Again, these issues have no impact on the performance of the game.

We want to share with you what we know at this time and what we are doing:

At launch, our registration and login systems were crushed by gamers trying to enter the Elite site at the same time. We have now fixed the registration and login systems, but we have found that the greater than expected demand is crashing servers. Were immediately deploying multiple additional servers to beef up the system. We are also going to temporarily limit access to Elite services on both the console applications and website while we build additional capacity and scale. Well look to increase access to greater numbers of users as soon as possible.

As more users log into the Elite system, you may find that the wait to get into Elite is longer than you expect. We know how frustrating that is and we appreciate your patience. Many of you are now able to see your player card and stats, but if you dont see all your recent matches or career summary, dont worry -- your gameplay data for your entire careers in both Black Ops and MW3 is safely stored, and it will all be available to you once these issues are resolved.

And for our premium members who are Founders, know that granting your status and delivering your in-game benefits in MW3 is a priority. Also, to ensure that every premium member receives their full moneys worth, we are immediately and automatically extending your membership to Call of Duty Elite by 30 days at no additional cost. If youre still considering becoming a premium member, were going to extend Founder eligibility until the end of the month, and you will also receive the additional 30 days of access.

The Call of Duty Elite team will keep you updated at Continue to check back here for overall Elite status or for a complete list of FAQs, check out our customer service site. We will also give you updates regularly through the official Twitter account, @CallOfDutyElite. Our top priority and sole focus is delivering the best possible service experience to our gamers and were sorry were off to a rocky start with Elite. We will not rest until Elite delivers the full set of features we promised you. We are committed to Call of Duty Elite for the long haul and are working around the clock to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Who cares. We don't even have Elite..
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

(11-10-2011, 21:04)Pozzuh Wrote: Who cares. We don't even have Elite..

I do Troll
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu


Meh, they still gave no reason to use this

just stats, who cares about your blops stats from a year ago
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

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