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News Black Ops PC Modding
Is done.

XP Boost on LiVE Server
XP saves persistently now

For gameplay go to 2:25

Hopefully some real mods tomorrow.


unlock all

I'm already making a big mod, but I need to know how to make my own models, I don't have black ops or any mod tools so.. I'm stuck.
haha, very nice. we are the first lol
Any mod injector yet? :p
more in first post.
Fake and Gay Big Grin
lol I wonder how stupid people can be....
The Clan Tag is WOOP?
lol ??

Big Grin nice
soooooo, let me search a word for...erm..i got it...superAWESOMEnovaTESTICLESaoTASTIC

prestige 15
[Image: unbenanntcl.jpg]

[Image: 18805385.png]
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and now? where is the fail again?
common sense tells you that its purposed to see the first 4 letters
of course everybody on this board knows that its me, but steam got NO proof which account i used


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