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News Black Ops PC Modding
d0hs right ^^ i could rename d0h! and then make a vid of me erhm idk hacking in mw2? but that wont ban d0h cus they dont know if its the real doh doh Big Grin that sounded so stpid lawl (:

When are you gonna release these?

now legit stats on live servers

10mins of gameplay on my new acc. yes its on purpose that i blacked out a lot, but as you can see, fast leveling is no problem anymore. at least you can imagine my level and the trollolol codpoints

thanks to the unknown master of the universe Wink

[Image: unbenanntiki.jpg]

I cant tell who that watermark belongs to.... Sad

first post video updated

Bwahaha, you should've included my epic ballistic knife longshot killing you in the end on the "xp saves persistently" video.
Good job Nova, once again Wink

How do i join this serverSmile?

fastrank does't work now

I wanna join so i can level up real fast, but i can't find the server, someone who can find the server please add me on steam, tell me if you wanna add me, then ill pm you my id.

When are u gonna release something? ugh.

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