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News Battlefield Hardline
DailyMotion changed their embed-code (since nobody uses that site I guess they thought it won't break a thing.
Fixed MyBB to properly handle it.

Damn, when this gets out I 'll be all like

[Image: tumblr_m1tolrBivY1rnua94o1_500.gif]
(06-04-2014, 12:59)House Wrote: Damn, when this gets out I 'll be all like

Before / After the CoD Advanced Warfare release in fall.
Some video of Battlelog for Hardline:
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  • RaZ
E3 leaked trainer:

That is where I know the release date.
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  • Dude
Yeah, "leaked". I still think this is all a planned trick by a lazy marketing department.
Just like the private Dota 2 beta (which everyone had, but most people had the feeling they were special because it was the private beta).

EDIT: Yeah, this isn't leaked. It's uploaded by GameSpot.

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I like idea of tazing tho Troll

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