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News BFmod 1.02 Test Play Video [Preview]
guys wtf, Eekhoorn you are saying about that your mod was copied, but where could he see it. It is now only in open lobbies and close beta. GSC modding has open code so no copyrights there.
And I see one big difference that we can only buy your mod for 15$ and it is so stupid to sell mods, really! Everywhere and all the time mods will be for free, only Garry Newman was so smart to put up and sell his mod in steam!

So no copyrights in GSC modding and everybody can mod his mod there in fail ops LOL. *my_opinion*

you dont need to buy it...learn to read.
its just a possibility to buy the beta for those who CANT wait

@boklajan: Garry Newman didn't make GMod, he copypasted code from others and sold it.

@SuperNovaAO: he first released it oficial. It's like story about facebook.
@d0h!: I read that it will be released on 100k users, eh? not posiible I see

No, Facebook wasn't released in parts before, it was all copied though.

GMod are snippets from FPSBanana put together. They were public before GMod came.

All our life in parts is copy of any body else including mods and games. for example some of cod sounds were taken from battlefield.

(12-15-2010, 21:37)boklajan Wrote: All our life in parts is copy of any body else including mods and games. for example some of cod sounds were taken from battlefield.

What are you gonna do now? Tell it your mum?
[Image: azuw.jpg]

@zxz: really lol? I have just said it to you. really #LOL

There also was a discussion last year that the nuke sound from MW2 was stolen from Resident Evil.

That kid was wrong: most game sounds get bought in packages and games share sounds by that, because the developers bought the same soundpack.

Sick Stuff man!

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