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Is class hacks a possibility?
I was wondering if they were, I know on mw2 you could hex edit them/use a program but is it possible in mw3, or is the stat method different? Also what about 15 custom classes in a private match, or is that not possible either?

You can probably still fake your classes as it was possible in every Call of Duty (except for Black Ops). Just keep in mind that if a weapon wasn't made to be dualwieldable it's not possible to force it that way (Akimbo RPG-7 is not possible visually so it won't work).

why? intervention dual wield was also possible

Does anyone know the file I'm suppose to be looking through to do this :S


(11-26-2011, 16:01)ProDiiGy Wrote: Does anyone know the file I'm suppose to be looking through to do this :S



I don't mean like that, I mean something e.g you can have fmg akimbo's as primary and secondary.. etc.

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