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Importing Gun sounds
Hi, first post here on these forums.

Would anyone be generous enough to point me in the right direction for changing gun sounds on MW3? i have a few guns with pack a punch camos and i thought it would be just lovely to have them sound like PaP weapons when firing them.

And for those Nay-Sayers out there; yes i searched this website and google in general. either im blind or nobody has posted anything pertaining to it.

Thanks in advance if anyone does indeed provide help rather than calling me mean names and making me feel sad.
Isn't sounds loaded through the fastfile? And if I'm right, about that <-, then no it's not a possibility.
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(10-10-2012, 03:16)DidUknowiPwn Wrote: Isn't sounds loaded through the fastfile? And if I'm right, about that <-, then no it's not a possibility.

It's possible...
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^ That's EXPORTING the sounds. Not importing. Dumb Bitch

I don't think importing is possible.
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okie dokie, thanks anyway... i guess ill just have to use my imagination

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