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Hey & Any Prestige hack?
Hello...I'm George..Does any1 have a prestige hack or know any way to prestige up fast? I'm paying 50$ thought paypal or bank account.
Treyarch patched the prestige hacks, so it is not possible any more. Maybe in the future again, when modtools are released, who knows.
Hi, remove your email please and dont accept an offer from anyone to be sure not getting scamed.
It is not possible anymore and no one can boost your stats
Well, ok i editted it, also i have a server :O isn't there any mod? i can install it to my server Tongue I'm admin on a srv so yeah i can install mod or something if they work
Mods only work in private matches, that's also the reason modding your prestige isn't possible, like surtek said before, maybe it will return when the official Mod tools are released but I doubt it Smile

stay tuned
Sorry to ask i'm a bit noob with all theese but what mod tools are ?Tongue
You can make and play mods with them.
(02-14-2011, 21:45)surtek Wrote: You can make and play mods with them.

you can play and make mods without mod tools but you "can" get ban on that if you dont use right and safe .
but with mod tools and map tools the mods will be better .
will be menu like cod4(i mean promod) , etc' .
but we still dont know what this mod tools will be can .. so we wait for that .

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