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Help .xanim(model) to .xanim(model)_export
Hi guys,
How to convert files? like *.xanim to *.xanim_export ? and *.xmodel to *.xmodel_export? Awesome
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
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(07-28-2011, 11:02)jariz Wrote: [Image: aAZiw.jpg]
Does this works with normal xmodels and xanims files from Cod Waw Tools?. I tried it but I had several problems.
there is (currently) no way to convert binary xmodel/xanim files to plaintext xmodel_export/xanim_export files.

the developers' pipeline looks like this:

Maya -> xmodel_export/xanim_expot -> xmodel/xanim

there's no need for them, to convert the binary files back to plaintext.

Regolith's Xmodel Exporter can export models to Wavefront OBJ or Maya MA. You could import the *.ma, edit it in Maya and finally export it to xmodel_export and convert it to xmodel again.

But it's not possible (yet) to get xanims into Maya. Regolith worked on animation export, but did not release anything yet. I still hope he will eventually.

I developed an add-on for Blender 3D, which allowes you to create models and animations in Blender (you can import any supported files of course) and export them as xmodel_export/xanim_export. I plan to support importing these plaintext formats in a future release. I really hope, Regolith will add a feature to his tool, so that you can convert xmodels to xmodel_export & xanims to xanim_export and get that data into Blender - model creation and editing free and open-source!

The Blender-CoD project page:

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