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Help with scripting
Hi guys it's maybe stupid to write this but i'm modding COD4(yea that game is still alive Big Grin ) and i'm creatin my own mod based on MW2,BO,MW3 guns/killstreaks/perksa and etc well i finished him but you know how it goes with mods and etc there is always something new and intersting to add,so i added a care package script but i need somebody to help me finish the script to work without bugs,i ask this because i suck in scripting.Please please help me if you can if anybody is intersting to help me newbie to learn more scripting and to get some skill please make a reply so i can contact you via PM or in this topic and then i will explain in detail.Thanks Wink
Post some scripts, and tell us your problems. You're more likely to get help that way.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
indeed, post your code (use [code] tags), much easier and faster to get help
Removed i see i confused you .
Any ideas or help guys ?

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