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Help how to turn gsc files to iwd files
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Please help Blush
The first thing to do is open Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and view the file you wish to change. We'll use the example of a file called MyDocument.rtf which we want to change to MyFile.txt. When we browse to the file it looks like this:

[Image: file-extension_1.gif]

You'll notice that the file does not appear to have an extension — it's just called MyDocument.rtf. This is because Windows is set to hide extension names. Go to organize > Folder and Search Options, then click the View tab. Uncheck the box titled "Hide extensions for known file types" like so:

[Image: file-extension_2.gif]

Click OK or Apply. Now you should be able to see the file extension:

[Image: file-extension_3.gif]

Right-click the file name and select Rename (or left click and hold down the button for one second). Enter the new extension like so:

[Image: file-extension_4.gif]

Thats it.

Source: http://www.mediacollege.com
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Right click on a file/folder, select add to archive, choose zip and change extension to iwd Big Grin
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Make sure its in the right folder..

i.e. the _rank.gsc needs to be in
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