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Help controling test clients individually
so i am trying to create a mod that allows the user to place multiple bots in any place on the map. i have made everything work, but when i spawn the second bot both the first and second bot move to the same location. (i want the bots to stay in there own positions)

if (isDefined( player.pers["isBot"] ) && player.pers["isBot"] ) {
player setOrigin( destination );

Is there any way of controlling each bot individually?

thanks for any help Wink

Could create a for loop and then have a local var such as for( i = 0; i < level.player.size; i++ ) { if---- player setOrigin( destination + some xyz modifier )
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You can spawn all bots and while you spawn them you get them in an array called level.bots (for example). You could access each of them like:[2][5]


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