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Help code :p
yo guys do can some pass me a code ?
look guys i just want an aimbot code but i have already 1 so its autoaim, but it doesnt kill people throw the walls.
can some of u guys bring me the code for the aimbot so it can kill the people faster and not from much attemps shooting?¨
thx alvaro :p
there is a whole source code posted, but its a hook.

but isnt thath code for a program? i want it to a mod not to an enjectable aimbot Smile
yes it is, its not possible to improve the existing aimbot code usable for mods
so ther is not a way to get this code i want?
only possible with a hook
(10-13-2011, 20:52)d0h! Wrote: only possible with a hook

well...not exactly? Couldn't you just create an external one?
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
Ye i Will make an external Smile thx Guys
One more thing, is it à begginer tutorial to make à modmenu ?

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